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  • Onsite visits (where possible) and one-on-one design consults/services (free) - plan your project in real time, within budget, and according to all safty standards - see below!!
  • Product information and catalogs
  • Planning-design and presentations
  • Custom  theme playground design 
  • Inclusive Playgrounds (designed for ALL children with a variety of abilities)
  • Early Childhood
  • Older Children
  • Pricing and budgeting
  • Funding sources and proposal writing guidance
  • Supply and after sales service
  • Installation and inspection service
  • Playground Maintenance contract service - coming.....



NEW - We can facilitate your design - one on one. Our state of the art computer design program allows you to see imediately in 3D what you are getting as you design your play system, right down to the colors! It even displays the cost of the equipment so you can get it right with your budget. You can pick and choose what you want while staying within your budget as you design it. This state of the art program will also alert you immediatly if your design complies with all regulated safty standards! Make changes, no problem with just one click we can substitute equipment, components, colours, etc. When you finalize your design, a draft will be sent off to our in-house engineers for quality and safty insurance approval. Contact us for more information and let's help you bring a vision to your project.

The benefits of our company are built into the comprehensive, efficient and knowledgeable service we deliver to our client, as well as in the quality and reputation of our products. Customers will save time and money by getting all the information they need from one source.

If your organization or group would like a catalogue or specific information on playground planning, please give us a call today toll free 1-866-985-6637.

Let’s bring a vision to your project!