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Play Systems North is a Northern based business dedicated to providing superior customer service and top quality playground and park equipment. Our service area includes Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Whether you are outfitting a new facility or replacing existing equipment, we can help meet your goals. We recognize that every project is unique; therefore, we invite you to contact us to discuss your particular needs. There is never a charge for planning and design services and no obligation to purchase our products once a design is in progress. Our aim is to offer you guidance from start to finish and phase in the project according to your budget and needs.

Our innovative designs benefit children, with and without disabilities, by maximizing opportunities for all children to play together. We ensure that there is a balance of components that support a range of abilities and play patterns; as well as, offer multi-sensory stimulation, encourage interaction, and enhance coordination and strengthening skills.

Our Mission

  Play Systems North provides play solutions with a focus on community. We believe that a successful project involves the community and children; therefore we strive to integrate community resources and ideas so local ownership and pride is achieved. 

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Private Corporationscommunity resources and ideas so local ownership and pride is achieved.